Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Garden Edition

Today was strawberry picking day, so Mom and I armed ourselves with baskets and headed out to the garden. The strawberry patch is huge and over flowing with juicy, sweet fruit. The last two rows are a few years old and produce only small, sour berries but that wasn't a problem. Dad made strawberry jam and strawberry soda with them!
             The small jar has jam, the big one has soda.                            


Now for lots of strawberry photos!





Here are two extreme berry sizes!!!


A cherry from Isaac's cherry tree.
 An apple from Dad's apple tree.
 Mom is putting netting over the berries to keep the birds from eating them.
 My yellow flower.
 Our chives.

Isaac's oregano patch.

         This pansy was in a tomato pot when we brought it home.  Mom transplanted into the berry patch.

Here is a photo of  our entire garden, complete with Mom and our dog, Nolee.

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