Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Quilt made by Nan

My Nanny Bessie dropped by with a quilt that she made for me. The fabric has art work on it made by one of my favourite artists, Cicely Mary Barker. She was alive in the 1920's when women weren't thought of as poets OR artists. She became famous at both. Her art work and poems are all about fairies and they are amazing!! 
Below are pictures of the quilt, a pillow case that Nan also made for me, and a painting by Barker along with it's poem.                                                 

                                                                         The quilt.

The pillow case.

.                                                    The Song of the Blackberry Fairy

                                                   My berries cluster black and thick
                                                   For rich and poor alike to pick.

                                                   I'll tear your dress, and cling, and tease,
                                                   And scratch your hands and arms and knees.

                                                   I'll stain your fingers and your face,
                                                   And then I'll laugh at your disgrace.

                                                  But when the bramble-jelly's made,
                                                  You'll find your trouble well repaid.
                                                                            -Cicely Mary Barker

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