Saturday, 12 July 2014


Recently I have discovered a deep and profound love for photography, and using our brand new, super top quality camera(well at least the best I've had!), I have taken many a picture.
I love to photograph birds, plants, and Alex. One of my fav subjects is a robin I have named Glipper. He is identifiable by the fleck of white under his right wing.
These are not all of my pics, trust me.

A rock.

Behold, Glipper.


A warbler, I think its a Black and Yellow warbler.

White throated sparrow. Mom's fav bird.

Alex. Shortly after I took this pic, he fell in the water.

Glipper with worms.

Glipper still with worms.

Behold the epic-ness of Daley.
This is a pic of a stream, but all you can see is the reflection of the trees above.
Contemplating life.


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