Saturday, 21 June 2014

Good Bye Forset.

I wrote this in the spring and forgot to post it. We were re-reading it and thought it was pretty funny so we decided to post it anyway...

We went to the park today. There is soooooooooo much garbage all over the ground. Why is everyone tossing their trash on the ground!? In our park!? It just doesn't make sense! I counted 16 Robins, and if all the Robins suddenly decided to collect all the garbage in the park, they could of all gotten 200 pieces each easily. Trash outnumbering Robins? Not good.

There is an irony to this.

I'm not sure what the point of this is.

Some one lost their glove.

Right in front of the parking lot.

Why?! Why!? Why!?

A plastic sheet wrapped around a tree.
This looks really nice doesn't it?

Look closer.

This is behind the Park.

Look Mom! A wild Coffee Cup! It's a disposable one too! 

What a lovely scene. But I spy a coffee cup.

An abandoned shoe.

His Buddy was hanging out there too. 

A "rare" piece of leaf litter.

The pond went shopping for Liquor.
 Of course, the park is beautiful too. But if this trash keeps building up, it might look completely different.  Below are pictures of my brothers enjoying nature, and some exceptionally beautiful pictures of our park.

A resident of the park.

One of the bazillion Robins hanging around. I looooove Robins!

Who knew marshes where so pristine looking?

This just looks so perfect.

Seagulls are nice too!!!

Isaac ice fishing.

Mom and Nan.

Isaac leads the way for Alex and Daley.

Alex fell into a hole.

There is something so Epic about this.

Off we go!

A path leading to...Somewhere.

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