Friday, 24 January 2014

Element, Part one.

This blog post has taken a little time to prepare. I really hope you enjoy it. It is the first part of a serial story I will be writing for this blog until the story is over.


Trust me, I did not want to have the abilities that I have. I did not fall to my knees in a dramatic beam of light, clasp my hands beseechingly, and beg to have powers that could wipe out humanity and make me the most wanted person on this planet or any other. Also, my abilities were probably granted by a bored God/Goddess of mischief instead of a kindly fairy godmother. My guess of how it all came about is this. As I do not wish to annoy the Gods and call down godly wrath to smite me, I shall make up my own goddess, Sheila the Goddess of Unhelpful Gifts.

One day Sheila looked out from her window and decided that the planet of Captera (that's the planet I live on) was far to boring for her taste. So, she hummed and hawed till she came up with an idea that would REALLY liven things up. She went down to the planet and blessed one ordinary child, still unborn, the power to control all four of the elements at will.

That unfortunate baby was me. And once again there was no spectacular scene were a beautiful women bent over my sleeping mother and said, "Onto you fair child, there is glorious power that will change the world for better!" No, I'm fairly certain that Sheila marched over to my sleeping mother, who was having a nightmare, punched me in my developing shoulder, and said in a voice with an unidentified accent, "Hey! Kid! Have some power that you will never want! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaa!"

My life as a mathematical equation. Me = Unlucky. That pretty much sums it up.

So any way, it started when I was trying to avoid the palace guard as I had accidently ended up in the Royal Garden. And it was SO not my fault. I was being bullied by the popular girls so I started to leave the area. Naturally, they followed and I could not get away. When I feel trapped I immediately go to my default mode which is turn into the wind and vanish quite literally into thin air. Helpful? Maybe. Annoying? Yes.

 I hurried away as a breeze to find a deserted place to reform.When you randomly become a gas, barley existing, you don't have great vision, so I reformed in the Royal Garden. I was less then happy. Oh great Lillian. I thought.  Look where you are. In the Royal Garden. AND UNLESS YOU ARE ROYAL YOU CAN NOT ENTER IT. Yes, this is BAD.

If the guards caught me then my destiny was pretty much fortold. They would arrest me and throw me in the dungeon. Dungeons are not renowned for there comfort or food, thus are down right horrible. I hurriedly jumped behind some sort of exotic tree. Okay, first things first, find an exit.
The hours rolled by as I meandered about the Gardens. The Royal Garden, I learned, was vast and did not have big helpful signs with, THIS WAY TO EXIT written on them. I glanced up at the sun. I'd been in there for almost 3 hours!

And then it happened. I stumbled into plain view of the palace, more importantly the palace had a plain view of ME. About 300 hundred meters of flawless, unblemished lawn lay before me. Not a single bush was between me and the balcony. And standing on the balcony was...


I panicked. I could feel my abilities spiraling out of control. And worst of all I was not thinking calm relaxing thoughts that would make my powers shut down, I was thinking, Hide me, hide me, hide me.
And thinking this made my powers go, Oh look Lillian wants to be hidden. We'll just make the surrounding trees branches grow exceptionally large very quickly so that her dearest wish comes true. These branches will wind together so no one can see her! There is NOTHING suspicious about that!

For a moment the Prince stared at me. Then my powers sprang into action, and his mouth hung open for a second in a very unprincely way. Then he grinned, leapt over the balcony edge and ran towards me. That's when the branches completely covered my view of him. I stood there for a moment.

Then I ran. The trees and bushes groaned behind me as they ensnared my path. I could hear the Prince slashing through the branches with a weapon of some sort. I could see the Garden's walls ahead of me. The same wall I had laboured in vain to find earlier. I couldn't help but think that there was a conspiracy against my leaving any area at a convenient time. The branches behind me buckled, then shattered.

The Prince crashed through the splintered branches. Held in one hand was a sword, in the other was a feather and three other objects that I glimpsed at only long enough only know that they were there. I was three feet away from the wall. Why couldn't I turn into a breeze now? Two feet. The wall was made of stones. One foot. Stones are earth! I can travel through earth!

I pressed my hand against the wall, felt the cool rocks dig tiny nubs into my hand. I heard the Prince muttering something beneath his breath.

And then I was in the wall. No, I WAS the wall. I turned around, (can you turn around in a wall? or do you just see things because you surround them? I can never figure that out.) the Prince was beaming. Even though I'd gotten away, he looked like someone had given him a gift that he'd wanted his entire life. That was bad. He had seen me use unbelievable power, and it looked like that was what he hoped to see. I know that may make no sense and may be very confusing, but I'm just stating facts. 

A shudder ran through me and I popped out of the wall on the other side. I couldn't see the Prince or the Garden, the wall that I had been was between me and the previously mentioned two. Should I have felt relief? I honestly don't know. Maybe. But all I felt was dread.

                                                                     *  *  *

The Prince was pacing.

He often paced when thinking of the plan. And at that moment he was thinking of the plan, thus the pacing. To think that what he had been searching for over ten years, was right here! In the Town! He'd looked all over the world, met all the exotic Princesses, learned tracking spells, sought out seers and oracles, and gotten absolutely no where. And when he'd almost given up, had gone out to consider his next move, she had come into plan view. Tall, slight, brilliant green eyes, and long waist length wispy hair. She'd been simple and beautiful.  Powerful. Other worldly. Magic hung around her in a haze.

He'd hardly believed his eyes when the tree's stretched like putty to hide her from view. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! He'd finally found her! And then she'd melted into a wall. He hadn't been fast enough to bind her, but he knew where she was. Who she was.

He smiled.

Once she was his, he'd sweep over the land, the air, the sea and nobody, NOBODY, would be able to stop him. Nobody can stop such power.

Oh, yes. She would be his sweet chocolate and bitter storm. His smile grew and he walked over to the window. The moon shone down on him like a promise.

I am coming. And you will be my Element, Lillian Moonstone.

                                                          To be continued.                         



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