Thursday, 30 January 2014

Element Part 2

I was reading. It was the day after the palace incident and I had yet to work up the courage to go outside.

"Really Lillian!" My mother had said, waving her spoon in the air like a banner, and hovering around the steaming pot of  homemade jam. "You should go outdoors! Its such a beautiful day out after all."

It WAS a beautiful day. A beautiful day for soldiers to arrest me. There was no way the Prince hadn't raised the alarm. There was a law in big bold print against entering that garden. My mother kept pushing me to get dressed. One must looked their best in jail, I thought. She tempted me to eat with large slices of fresh bread. I might never eat properly again, I reminded myself. So, reluctantly I ate. Then she tried to make me go outside. Because I should make it easy for the guards to find me. I was silently laughing at the irony of this situation.

I excused myself from the dining room and went up stairs to continue reading my really excellent book which had an excellent plot with excellent characters. My mom, as wonderful as she is, is slightly annoying when she gets into a pushy mode.

My mom is probably the most cheerful, bubbly mom on this planet. She is short and plump with curly black hair with black/blue eyes. Although her name is Sally she reminds every one of a blackberry and this probably led to the fact she is called Blackberry Sal.

I was thoroughly enjoying my book when my mother came bustling into my room. She was straightening away my stuff and babbling on about something she seemed to find very important, but I didn't care about it at all, at least until she said,"... coming here! The first town inspection in ages! They're looking for girls 15 and up to serve in the Palace as maids. Now if you will just tidy yourself up you may have a chance of getting a job there!"

I was so startled that my leg shot out and kicked my mother in the hip, as she was right beside my bed dusting of my night stand.

"Lillian Moonstone! That was completely unacceptable!"

"Sorry! Sorry! I'm just..." What was I supposed to say? Terrified? Slightly hysterical? "Surprised. That's all."

"Oh, I understand!" Mother twittered and I knew I was forgiven. "I was shocked at first! I thought,  all this time has past and only now do they refresh the palace staff. And then I thought, there's no reason my Lillian can't be appointed a job! So, you just put on your nice new purple dress and look presentable. You'll get a job for certain!"

There was my mom, happy and hopeful. There was I, horror filled and desperate.

 I cleaned up and put on my dress, I tidied my room and acted normal. Actually, I was making a plan, an escape plan. I would deny all accusations and then turn into the wind and fly far, far away!! Well, that is if I could turn into the wind, because sometimes I can't, because stress can take away my powers as well as stimulate them. Stress can also cause me to over use words.

So basically, worst plan in the history of  worst plans. *SIGH* Oh well.

I was right in the middle of coming up with a better plan, when there was a knock at the door. 

This is what I heard.

Mom- "Oh hullo! Come in, come in! Yes I do have a daughter. Yes she's fifteen."

Mumbled words.

Mom- "What? N-no. She is not a odd individual."

More mumbles, this time threatening.

Mom, nervously-"Well she's tall, slight. Brown hair, green eyes. Oh and her hair is wispy, always thought that to be her most fetching feature."

Indistinguishable murmurs.

Mom-"Hey! Do not go up those stairs! Do you hear me?! What do you mean, my daughter's under arrest?!"

Voices, and a sickening thunk. My mother stopped talking. Footsteps were coming up the stairs, and I ran to my window. Okay abilities, this moment is a really good time to work, so will you be so kind as to turn me into the wind RIGHT NOW.
Well Lillian last time you spoke to us you were very rude so we are not so certain we will.
Please pretty please?
You'll have to pay.
What do you want?
...Chocolate before bed time.
Ok it's yours, now wind please, the soldiers are in my room and they are going to get me and that will be bad because judging from what they said to my mom they want me because of you, so it's all your fault.
Your mean. I think I will sulk.
Ok I take it back, now wind please.

While all of this was going on in my head, the soldiers were barreling towards me. And then I was nothing, a figment, I was swirling out of the room and into the world. Yes, it probably looked very dramatic. There I was siting on the window ledge and then I vanished. However, for me it was traumatic and stressful. One second a solid, the next, a gas. Not fun.

There I was, whizzing through the forest or whereever I was. I just assumed it was a forest, because I couldn't actually see where I was going. That doesn't matter when your a gas though.

I felt moisture enter the air around me and soak into me. I also felt my powers go, Moisture!  Quick! Turn Lillian into water!     

No! I thought, Don't turn me into water!

To late, I was water. In a stream. Going down hill. Into a waterfall. Dear, oh dear, whatever shall I do? Nothing is an action, so I'll do that. Down over the waterfall I went. Luckily, it didn't hurt as I was a liquid . I kept going down the stream, it was cheap to travel and very relaxing.

And believe it or not, I fell asleep.

                                                                            *  *  *


The soldiers cringed. "Terribly sorry Sir but it's true. She got away."

The Prince whirled around and one would swear that lightning was on his tongue as his words stung so much. "She is a 15 year old girl, one with no battle skills, no weapons, and you, full grown men, trained and coached to perfection, COULD NOT CATCH HER?!"

"Well, yes Sir... I mean no Sir! I mean... I don't no what I mean Sir."

The poor man was trembling so hard you could almost hear his teeth shake.

The Prince was trembling with rage. "Well, then what did you succeed in doing?"

"W-we have her, um, assistant, Sir. The one who tried to cover her."

"Go get her then, and hurry!"

The men rushed off, breathing sighs of relief. Honestly, the Prince couldn't blame them for not being able to catch her. She was, after all, an Element, THE Element. But he needed someone to take out his anger on.

At least it wasn't a complete waste of time, he thought, after all we do have her mother.

                                                         To be Continued          

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