Thursday, 13 June 2013

Little Joys in the Shape of a Poem

Jamie's Post

The purpose of a Haiku is to capture a moment in words. The moment can be happy, sad, mad, or something that happened in your life. When I write Haikus I try to turn a memory of a feeling or a short scene into a poem. Below are 3 of my poems.

My full heart throbs
In endless joy
I am alive.

Dirt sifts through my fingers.
Life at my finger tips, blossoms
Crimson, lacy, here.

Dewey droplets float,
Suspended in air, brush my face,
Wet my limp, straight hair.

Daley's Post

This is a picture I am working on. It is about half way done.I got the idea for this drawing from a bridge in Margaret Bowater Park.  

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