Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animals and a Baking Disaster

Alex's Animal Info

The Platypus 

The Platypus lives in Australia. It is the only egg laying mammal in the world. The male has two poisonous claws, one on each hind foot. These are called spurs. The Platypus looks very cute. They have bills, that look like a ducks, and a Beaver like tail. They are covered in soft fur. They can swim, just like us humans.

The Pronghorn 

The Pronghorn is the fastest animal in North America. It is a member of the deer family. 
The Pronghorn can jump VERY high, and can run 65 km per hour. 


Jamie's Post
Today a friend of mine came over and together we came up with a plan - Operation Bake the Cake! At the time the plan seemed flawless, perfect, and positively over flowing with awesomeness. What could possibly go wrong?
We made the batter, poured it into the pan, and with a final flourish slid into the oven. So far so good. Then, the time came to remove the cake from the pan, but (oh the horror!) it would NOT come out of the pan. After a long struggle we managed to get the cake out of the treacherous pan. Sadly, the cake was completely destroyed.
We glued the cake bits back together with icing, but it still wasn't good enough. Then my friend came up with a very clever plan. We would cut the cake in half and put the two halves on top of each other. This did NOT work!!
We gave up trying to fix the cake, so instead we covered it with homemade icing and sprinkles.
The kitchen was not very clean when we were done. TIDY TIME.
Here is a picture of our baking disaster.


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