Sunday, 27 October 2013

The lost pictures.

A few months ago I downloaded a bunch of pictures onto one of our lap tops, which was all fine and dandy except for the fact that the lap top then lost internet access. The pictures were only on that computer. I could of just re-uploaded them on a different computer, but I had recently deleted all the old blog pics off my camera. Eventually, dad fixed the computer, thus recovering internet access, so I quickly put the pictures on the blog, and here they are.  

                                                             The    Lost   Pictures.
Daley's homemade monster cards.

Isaac with his dirt tower hat.

Homemade dolls. Mom made the one in the middle with a sewing machine and real stuffing. I made the other 2.  I hand sewed them and stuffed them with scraps of cloth.

One of Daley's birthday presents.

Daley's birthday cake. Its chocolate mint and I made it from scratch.

Hopefully, I learned my lesson and will not use that computer again.

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