Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Pan Cake Festiviel.

One morning in the Merrigan house hold, the 1st Pan Cake Festival was held.
3 contestants competed for eternal glory in all of pancake-dom. They were...

Alex, from Corner Brook.

Daley, from... Corner Brook.
Isaac who is ALSO from Corner Brook.

They faced the most difficult panel of judges in the whole of Canada!


The competition began.

Daley came forward with...
Well, there were blue berry lemon pancakes there.
                                          Alex presented...
Pumpkin pancakes!!
                                          Isaac revealed...
Chocolate chip pancakes. 
While the judges discussed the winner, Mom made a mistake...
What is wrong with this picture?
Just then the judges announced the winner! Daley and his blue berry lemon pancakes had won! 
                                                                 The End.
                                                                (For now)

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