Thursday, 22 August 2013

At Our Aunt's Cabin.

Yesterday, we went to one of our cousin's cabin. They do not live on the Rock so we don't see them a lot. We were so excited when Mom told us they were visiting!!

Their cabin is by lake so they have a paddle boat. We went out in it a lot. I didn't take my camera out in the boat because I was afraid of dropping it in the water, but I did take lots of other pictures.

It was our Aunt Jody's birthday so we had a party. One of her friends was over with her kids.

The lake
Daley and Anna.

The cabin

A balloon set afloat.


Aunt Jody, the birthday girl.

Isaac and Nora.

Jody's cake.
Jody's friend Elizabeth holding Beckie. 

Isaac, Alex, and Nora filling up water balloons. 
We found a lot of flowers but I don't know what they are called!! If you know please let me know in the comments.

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